My Hunt for our Ancestors!One of the best stories of my ancestor hunt was the fact that as a newly married girl into the Gregg family I learned that the Greggs had been residents of Paradise Township, Lancaster County, for a long time. My new mother-in-law shared with me the information that she had as to the parents and grandparents and their children as she had been told by the Greggs. My mother-in-law had specific birth dates of the immigrant's children, his wife's maiden name and other details that I have still, after more than 50 years, have not been able to prove or disprove. The first child of the immigrant was a daughter, Susan, and her birth date was in 1824 and she had left her parents before the 1850 census was taken, so her name or her sisters born in 1826 were not listed with the family. So, I searched for nearly 30 years for her. My mother-in-law had told me her name was Susan Murray but that was all I knew. One day in 1994 I was working in my office and a neighbor walked in the door carrying a very old bible that she had bought in a local auction sale. It had pages of births, deaths, and marriages in it and she was wondering what she might do with them. She knew I was into genealogy which is why she brought the bible to me. So I studied the names listed, mostly Bryson children, and discovered that one of the people with a death date was that of James Gregg, a brother to my Susan. Turned out that the bible belonged to Susan Bryson Murray and I was able to extend my research to nearly 400 more people from the beginning entries in the bible. The owner of the bible would not sell it to me but she did allow me to copy the pages I needed. She wanted to use the bible for an artifact in a log home she was decorating. After learning that Susan's first married name was Bryson, I went to Nickel Mine cemetery where most of the family graves are, and lo and behold, there was Susan Bryson grave with the exact date of her birth that I had known for 30 years. Her name on tombstone was Bryson, not Murray as she should have been. Seems her Bryson father-in-law was a stone cutter and I am thinking he did her stone previously to her marriage to William Murray after the death of first husband, Joseph Bryson, at Andersonville, GA prison. So it seems you never can tell where new information may come from, and just walks in your door someday.Please contact me at